4 Seasons of Home Ownership: Fall 2017 – Today’s Homeowner

We go through the 4 Seasons of Home Ownership fall checklist with Phillip and Kate DeKeyser to help them get their 1940s home ready for fall.


Smart Home Lighting and Climate Control – Today’s Homeowner

Thermostats, lights and more can be controlled using your mobile device – from anywhere in the world. And, advances in lighting technology let you customize every space in the house to suit each room’s mood and purpose. Watch the video and check out Trends in Smart Home Technology for more info.

Why Should you Hire a Professional Team Specializing in Granite Countertops?

When it comes to getting the best for your kitchen, there are few materials better to cover your counter tops. Over
the past few decades, granite countertops have become one of the most sought after improvements for kitchen
remodeling projects across the country. For a better, professional installation you will want to go with a professional
team to do the work. #Cabinets #Cabinetry #1to1Cabinets #Orlando #Florida #Countertops #Cabinets
#woodCabinets #DoorStyles #Sinks